Donor Testimonials

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“It’s Chris! Hurry mom, it’s Chris!!! It’s Chris!!!,” say Crosby, Daphne and Belle as they drag me into the hospital.
– Kimberly Copenhaver

“Blood donors are life-saving heroes who enjoy car rides, peanut butter, cheese and snuggles every six weeks.”
– Lysiane Gravel-Lacombe

“We love knowing that just a few minutes of our time can help save a beloved pet.”
– Tracy and Tutti Williams

“We love the peanut butter and cheese!”
– Maresa Campbell-Huber

“I am proud that Comet happily helps other dogs and I know he is not ever going to get hurt or scared while he donates.”
– Joan Cleveland

“Comet trots into the office eagerly and leaps onto the exam table in anticipation of love and peanut butter.”
– Joan Cleveland

“Harmony likes putting her head on the pillow and I like knowing she’s in good hands!”
– Barbara Wright

“Hunter enjoys the snuggle time and snacks, and I love knowing he is a universal donor able to help save lives.”
– Leslee and Hunter Poole

“Bailey loves his visits: cookies, attention, and a new bandanna that he’s so proud to wear!”
– Katy Jacobs

“Deacon and Onyx are now wonderful and calm model patients at the vet because of the love (and peanut butter) they get from the BRVBB team!”
– Kate Peeples

“They give us their unconditional love, pay it forward. Donate today!”
– Scott Smith

“Raine enjoys saving lives and devouring peanut butter!”
– Erin Mathers

“Peanut butter, cheese and snuggling with Chris…how could life get any better?”
– Baxter Maddox

“Coco and Maddie head straight for the donation room when we arrive, ready for love and peanut butter. They don’t even realize all that their donations do for other pups!”
– Jennifer King

Oliver and Bertha say, “Saving lives while being the king/queen of the table in Chris’ arms is priceless!”
– Nancy Wotherspoon Houda

Demon says, “Donating blood is give and take: give blood, take cheese whiz. It’s a win-win!”
– Whitney Basiliko

“Giving blood is not a simple act, it is a humble act and noble gesture. GIVING BLOOD IS PART OF YOU, your essence”
– Scott Smith