About Us

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In January of 2011, Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates purchased Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank. We had been a long time donation site for the program and we wanted to be able to provide so much more.
We are a volunteer canine blood bank where:
  • Our donors are not sedated, muzzled, or forced into donations
  • Donor dogs are not housed on premises or confined
  • Our donor owners belong to a variety of groups (rescues, champion dog shows, doggy day care and training facilities, and some are blood donors themselves.)
We provide life saving blood products to veterinary hospitals across the United States. We are always looking for new donors as our furry friends can only donate part of their lives. In order to meet the demands, our donors commit to donating with us every 5-7 weeks at one of our donation sites and every donation can save 2-4 canine lives. Without our committed donor owners and their canines, we would not be able to save as many lives as we have this past year. 
Please give us a call at (540) 370-9955 or click here to complete our donor registration form.